Saturday, June 6, 2009

RobDob's "Waiting Room"

Since Janelle is on maternity leave from posting to this blog, I get to take a turn! I am Ashley's oldest sister, Kristin.

I have a friend here in Texas who has practically lived at Texas Children's Hospital so far this year with the Down Syndrome baby they adopted in January. Her situation reminds me of all the time Robert and Ashley have spent in the hospital since his November 2007 diagnosis.

This friend of mine updates her blog daily to keep those interested in her daughter's progress informed. One day she wrote a post sharing an interesting statistic she learned from a show she had listened to. The guest on the show shared that the number of people sitting in the waiting room for an injured or sick patient receiving care in an Emergency Room had a direct correlation with how the patient fared and recovered. Those with few or no friends or family in the waiting room didn't do as well or recover as quickly as those with many friends and family in the waiting room. The support in the waiting room is like a lifeline and motivation for the patient to pull through and recover.

My friend figured that her blog is like the door between their "Emergency Room" (the hospital) and the "Waiting Room" that is cyber space. She requested that everyone reading her blog leave a comment so they would know who is in their cyber waiting room.

Let's do the same for Robert. We know there are hundreds of you in Robert's "Waiting Room." Let him know you are there. He's got a lot ahead of him the next few months, as you may have gathered from Ashley's post yesterday. Perhaps he'll fare better and recover more quickly if he has a concrete idea of exactly how many people are pulling for him and cheering him on as he continues his super hero battle with leukemia.

Please take a moment to leave a comment. Feel free to comment anonymously or just using your first name--whatever you're comfortable with. Thank you for all your love and support. It means so much!

Robert Update: He and Ashley arrived home from Utah safely last night and are enjoying a weekend surrounded by family (and no doubt some delicious food, too). Robert will get to participate in the blessing of Janelle's baby, Josie, tomorrow.


  1. Ours prayers are with you both- keep the updates coming!!

  2. We love you Robert and Ashley! We pray for you daily. Take care of each other!

  3. I check the post everyday to make sure that if there is some "special" situation that I need to include (besides the usual) for Robert and Ashley in my prayers. Robert has visited my home just once but has left a lasting impression on our family. Your testimony to the gospel and your unwaivering faith is a true inspiration to us all. Always know that you guys are in my prayers!!! And keep on KICKIN BOOTIE!!!
    Jimmie Jones
    (Ashlie-SJ- Jones' mom)

  4. I'm here and hollerin' for you.
    Love you all.

  5. I don't know Robert personally but feel connected to the whole family because of my special friendship with Ashley's mother. I send my prayers and love.

  6. We love the updates and keep you in our thoughts and prayers!
    The Farnsworth Family

  7. You are always in our thoughts and prayers...we are off to Nauvoo tomorrow and will put your names on the prayer roll at the temple. We love you all!
    Michelle and family

  8. this is jinny, i love you and think of you guys all the time!

  9. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all - hoping that everything will go well in SLC.

    I check the blog regularly to keep up on Robert's progress - keep fighting the fight - you can do it.

    Kathy Gratteau - (Janelle's mother-in-law)

  10. Robert & Ashley,

    What remarkable, strong, brave, and valiant superheroes you both are! Know that there is a family here in Idaho that admires you both very much. What great examples of faith, strength, and unconditional love you both are.

    I check your site frequently and pray for you both daily. May our Heavenly Father cradle you in his loving hands, and continue to bless you both with the power of added strength, greater faith, continued patience and greater health.

    Stay strong and keep up the fight!

    Blessing & hugs,
    Linda Baker (Kristin's mother-in-law)

  11. I love you guys more than I can say! We all remember you in our prayers. I think Byron's prayers for you are the best--very cute and incredibly sincere. Children have such amazing faith. You two have such amazing faith. I love to talk you guys. I always feel better after I do. You both help me to really believe that miracles happen everyday!
    We will be praying for Robert's tests to go well this week. We all love you!
    Janelle, Steve, Byron, Taryn & Josie

  12. We're in your waiting room everyday as well! You are always in our thoughts and prayers.
    Annette, Mark and children

  13. I check your blog everyday, but I don't know how much time you have to read comments, so I don't usually leave one. You two are always in our thoughts and prayers and have have strenghtened my testimony more than you'll ever know. Keep the amazing faith and awesome attitudes. You are inspirations to all of us.

  14. I found your blog a couple of months ago through "A Daily Scoop" and have kept reading because my brother was diagnosed with AML in 2001, when he was 23.It has been amazing to see how similar Robert's situation has been to my brother's. My brother also went to Huntsman and University Hospital in SLC and our family has all the respect in the world for the wonderful doctors and nurses there. Please know that I pray for your family and even though I don't know you, I know what you're going through. I know our Heavenly Father loves you!

  15. Count us in on the cheering section. We pray for you daily. We love you!

  16. We love you Robert and Ashley. It was so great to see you two this weekend. Trey, Trent, Tanner and I pray for both of you every day. A friend shared how their nephew had AML when he was 23 and now he is 30 years old with 2 kids. Luke 1:27 For with God nothing shall be impossible.

  17. This is Tom, checking in with The Fredette Family.

  18. Ashley & Robert,
    I want you to know that we love you so much. We read your blog often and you are in our thoughts and prayers constantly. I know this has been a very trying time for both of you. I also know that you are blessing the lives of more people than you can imagine just by being and living. We are here cheering you on!! You are an inspiration to us all!!
    Mandy, Jarrod & Ava

  19. To Ashley and Robert: I'm in awe of your courage, hope, and optimism.

    To Ashley and her sisters: Thank you for keeping us updated.

    My prayers are with you all!

  20. Hi Robert & Ashley,

    This is John Benedict.
    Robert knows my family moves in packs, so you (meaning both of you-one to get better and one to have the strength to continue to be an amazing wife, friend and companion, not to mention fellow super hero) have lots of people from all over the world praying for you.
    First my twins, Catherine and Joseph include you in the end with the extra special prayer they save for their Grandpa, Grandma Aunt and you-"make Robert all better." Pretty special stuff.
    I of course think about you every day and say a special prayer and try to divert strength your way.
    All the Vegas family, Carmen of course, her folks the Polonis, the Sullivans (my brother and sister in law)and Mickey and Kathi Sarkin are on board and pulling things your way.

    It gets interesting from there. Carmen's mom, Cecilia has told her sister in Argentina about you and the need to pray. She and all her circle (7 boys!) are praying.

    My mom asks about you in NY all the time, and she and my dad pray regularly. They go to church almost daily. They have included you in various prayer groups, mass cards, in the church special intientions, and all their circle of fellow prayeres, and other friends.

    Mom has also told her two sisters, my Aunts in Wash. D.C. and Florida. They have prayer groups of multiple people who include you in their prayers daily. She has five kids and my uncle on your team.
    My aunt in Florida is very religious. She id decicated to praying, fasting and living a spiritual life. I always want her on my prayer side, and she is all in for you. She has 7 kids who pray regularly for you, as does my Grandmother down there.

    Don't foget my six siblings, one already in heaven with a direct line to God. If you had met her, you'd know He could never refuse her. My brotheres and sisters are in Cal. Soth Carolina, North Carolina and NY.

    That only leaves everyone I tell about Robert and what an incredible guy he is, and how awesome Ashley has been through all of this.

    Oh and Italy. Carmen's family over there is praying for you in Italian.

    So, I don't know how many people that is, but you have three continents, several countries, all time zones I think, lots of good people and several veteran prayerers all working it for you.

    We all love you, keep you in our thoughts, and you are never far away. You are not going through this without an army behind you.

    We will continue to pray for you.

    As you said on your video-you WILL get better.

    All our love,

  21. I am always on here checking on your updates to see how things how :) you are guys are so amazing and inspirational and i thank you for that. you guys are always in my thoughts and prayers, Love you!!

    Tosha <3

  22. You can do it Robert! You're amazing.

  23. We are definately in your waiting room!! We pray for you and think of you so often. You two are an inspiration to us all, and you help us to keep our problems and daily struggles in perspective. We love you, Randy & Melanie Garber

  24. I know I haven't seen you in forever, but I have been keeping up with you two through this blog and I know what strong people you are! And as you both know love can conquer all and there is plenty of love to go around to such amazing people! I wish the best and know everything will turn out great for you two!

  25. I don't know Robert or Ashley but I live in Arizona and send my prayers for the both of you! Best of Luck may God continue to bless you both!! =0)

  26. What a great idea, and a way for all of us first timers to introduce ourselves. I can't remember how I came across the blog but I have been following since. I pray for Robert to get better as well and also thanking when his numbers come back up. I also live in Las Vegas and delivered my 5th baby at St. Rose hospital.

  27. I am sending so much love and prayers your direction. You don't know me but you truly have impacted my life. My sweet, bestest friend, big sister was diagnosed with AML 7 years ago. Your dedication to each other is such an inspiration. Oh! Sweet Ashley! It makes me weep when I see that Robert is fighting this disease with not one heart but two. You two are so young but so strong. I am so honored to be in your waiting room. Keep fighting super hero!

    With hope and love,
    Angie in Idaho

  28. Sending prayers your way. You inspire so many with your strenght and will!

  29. Thinking of you guys! I'm so thankful for the constant updates :)


  30. Hey Rob Dob,

    While we were at the beach (Carlsbad of course)we were thinking about you everyday, and we wrote "WE LOVE YOU ROBERT" several times in the sand so it would seem like you were there with us. Let us know if there's anything you need.

    All our love, Scott, Valerie, Grayson, Hunter and Lauren

  31. Robdob and Ashpants! We miss you guys around our neck of the woods, but are sooo glad you are in good hands :) We love reading the blog and seeing what progress you have made already! We think of you and pray for you often. Now hurry home!

    Scotty and Lindsay