Friday, September 25, 2009

Little League.

Last night Robert was having some chest pains that were causing him a lot of pain, so we called the BMT wing and they told us to go to the ER to make sure everything was okay with his lungs and heart. So we went to the ER, and by the time we got there most of his pain has subsided, it only hurt when he was moving around a lot. They ran some tests and during a CT scan they gave him some dilauded, which is pain medication, and it's 6 times as strong as morphine. Needless to say, he was drugged up when they brought him back. It was entertaining to say the least. He was scratching everywhere, and of course made me scratch him as well. After they did their tests they cleared us to go home. They think he just tore his asaphogus when he threw up earlier in the night, or something to that effect, so we were grateful that it wasn't a big deal.

After we arrived home and Robert was in bed and had gotten more scratch time he was ready for bed, so we said a prayer together. Robert decided he wanted to say it, and I though he might actually fall asleep, since he was so out of it from the pain meds they gave him in the ER. So he was saying the prayer and was staying awake and then right at the end he says "Please help me keep feeling better and healing, so that one day I can coach little league baseball." He finished and then I look up and his eyes are closed. I just started laughing and he wakes up and is like "Whattt? I am sorry, I fell asleep. Did I finish praying?" I was in tears from laughing. It was the cutest, most hilarious thing he has done in a while. He didn't remember saying it, but we laughed about it today. I know one day he will get that chance to coach a little league team, and I can't wait to see it.

Robert is doing well. He didn't gain too much more weight this week, but he didn't lose any. So that is great. We are still working on his appetite. He has been feeling a lot better, and the IV nausea medicine is still helping a lot. Things are going great and we are hoping to be heading home by the end of October. We miss Vegas!

All our love.


  1. Oh, you're not missing much- still over 100 degrees here but cooling off later to the mid 90's.... oooo, good times...

  2. Awwww, we're so glad things are going well. You two are so cute. Robert will be a great little league coach. :-)

  3. Maybe this post should've made me laugh, but it brought tears to my eyes. Can't wait to watch Robert coach your kids' little league teams!

  4. There is no doubt in my mind, Robert WILL get his wish and WILL coach little league.
    He will be GREAT at it too!