Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nap Time.

The Ashworth's came to visit us this past weekend, and they brought Daisy with them. She was so excited to see Robert. We had to remind her to be gentle with him and eventually she would just come hang out one the couch with him and snuggle. They took lots of naps together, and Daisy ended up finding herself in some tight spaces, like these of Daisy squished between Robert's legs, passed out cold. As long as she gets to snuggle she doesn't care where she squeezes in. We have the best dog ever. We miss her all the time.
This just really made me laugh, I am so glad I got pictures of it. It just shows a little bit of the bond Daisy and Robert share. It's very cute.
Robert is doing well. Thank you everyone who has prayed and fasted for him extra this week. We appreciate it so much. Robert has still been having a hard time eating, because of his tongue sores, and his nausea, and he is just all in all miserable some days. It has been wearing on him mentally and emotionally. We are hoping the test results will show what is going on so his doc can get these things under control. He had his last test this morning, the one he wasn't looking forward to... the dreaded colonoscopy. Robert said "I shouldn't be getting a colonoscopy until I'm 50, I should have 25 more years..." Haha. The doctors just wanted to make sure they are covering all the bases of his GI tract. It wasn't too bad, and they took really good care of him and he is doing well now. We go to the Clinic on thursday, so I will let everyone know the results then. Please keep praying for Robert. We are so grateful for all of you, and your support.

All our love.


  1. Still praying for you. Both of you. For some great news and that RD feels better soon and is completly healed. That you countinue to have the strength and support he needs. You are an amazing example of what a wife should be. You guys have an amazing future ahead of you. On another note what a funny dog. Interesting choice. hehe.

  2. I bet Daisy lifted Robert's spirits as did a visit from his awesome family. We think about and pray for both of you all the time. Lots of loves!!!

  3. Your Daisy is so cute! Bigger than I thought she would be..She is sure a Super Hero fan..SHe needs a little bright red cape. Please know that you are always in my prayers and fasts! PLease take care of each other.
    Jimmie Jones

  4. You two (I mean three!) are so cute. Isn't it amazing how much love these animals can provide? Thank you for keeping up with the posts to let us know how you are doing. We continue to pray that Robert will be strengthened, both physicaly and mentally. It was good to see you guys last week...keep hangin' in there. We love you!