Monday, September 28, 2009

Pillow Talk.

So this is how Robert was sleeping when I came into the room the other day. I thought it was hilarious. It looks like the pillow is eating his head.
After I got some pics of this I asked Robert if he wanted me to move his pillow around, but he insisted that he was "very comfortable". I got a kick out of this, so I thought I'd share.
Robert is doing well, he has had some more chest pain, but it is getting better. Robert is just frustrated that he was finally starting to eat and now his esophagus is hurting when he swallows. But, it is getting better, and we hope it continues to. Other than that things are going well. We've just been hanging out and waiting to be able to go home. We are hoping sooner than later. The weather is supposed to be cooling down a lot this week, and we are excited to possibly see some snow. Although I don't really want to drive in it! Things are going well, and we are so grateful. Thank you for the prayers and love.
All our love.

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  1. He is so cute--even when he's sick! We are grateful to hear that he is doing a little better. Keep that good food coming. Any signs of the needed GVHD? We think of you often and remember you in our prayers. I put your names on the prayer roll at the temple again last Wednesday evening. Love you both!