Thursday, September 17, 2009

What is Daisy?...

We get this question often, so I thought I would answer it today. People either think Daisy is super cute, if they know what an Italian Greyhound is, or else they ask if she ever eats. Thats just how she is. Skinny. Italian Greyhounds are a miniature version of Greyhounds, the racing dogs. So they are fast and agile, just like the big Greyhounds. Daisy is a quick dog. We can never catch her if she is running.
Robert had another Italian Greyhound while he was growing up and I have always thought they were stinkin' cute, so when we got married we often talked about getting one. Daisy is a great and loving dog. Robert is glad I made him wait to get a grey greyhound, because they are harder to find, but we held out and found Daisy and she is perfect for us.
Daisy is always patient when I smother her with kisses.
Daisy has this thing for Robert's ears. Not mine. Mostly Roberts. She is always licking them and sticking her cold wet little nose in there... or she is trying anyway.
I love this picture of Daisy and Robert having some bonding time while she was visiting us.

Robert has finally been able to start eating again this week. Yay! He has been on IV nausea medication that I give him when he needs it and it has been helping so much. He is still on TPN, but we are hoping he will be able to keep eating more and more and get off TPN in the next couple of weeks. Robert is still getting weened off his anti-rejection medication and he will be completely off it next week. We got a call this morning that Robert has been positive for CMV Virus 2 weeks is a row, so they are going to switch one of his antibiotics to one that is stronger to get it in check. Things are looking up and Robert has been feeling better. Thank you for all your prayers and love. We appreciate them so much.

All our love.


  1. Daisy is so cute, she ALMOST makes me want a dog (that's saying a lot). Glad to hear Robert is doing better. Lots of loves!

  2. Our dog is a puggle. I like long, snooty snouts too! Keep these coming. I am sure I speak for all when I say we get anxious when we don't hear something EVERY DAY!