Saturday, April 18, 2009


So I was right about the sign hanging on the third floor, it still says 'No Vacancy'! But, I was wrong about Robert being admitted yesterday. They admitted him to the second floor late yesterday afternoon! (So much for being informed, ;) lol)! Robert is doing well. They are getting him all settled in and doing the pre-chemo types of things. They should be starting chemo later today or first thing tomorrow! They will move him up to the third floor when there is a vacant room. I'll keep updating as I get more information, and I'm really working on some pictures--I promise!

P.S. The purpose of all my fundraiser dinner typing was to tell you that our date is Saturday May 16th! That much I know for sure! So save the date! Somehow I didn't get that into the post, must by my pregnancy induced CRC (can't remember crap!)

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