Saturday, April 18, 2009

No Vacancy

Is the sign hanging out in front of the third floor at the St. Rose hospital. As of this morning (the last time I spoke with the Ashpants herself) they hadn't been called in just yet. I'll have to call her again tomorrow for an update! I suppose I might feel a tad bit silly if they are at the hospital even as I type and I just am not informed. I pride myself in being informed, you know! :)
Robert is feeling well, just resting! They ditched my dinner plans last night anyway to hang out with the Ashworths, can't say that I blame them! The Ashworth's are a pretty fun and awesome bunch! They were working on a fun picture/slide show/video project for Ken Ashworth's big dinner fundraiser next Friday April, 24th! Oh, and speaking of dinner fundraisers we have a date for ours (put together by the Squires family, and generously hosted by the Ashworth's grandparents). We are still working on the nitty gritty, but hope to have all that information together by Sunday! You'll know as soon as we firm everything up!!!
So good things are happening all around! Thank you for the love and support on the auction! Did I mention on here yet that we extended it for some gorgeous jewelry made by our very own Aunt Lara Squires? Check it out here!


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