Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Prayer Request

Robert was admitted to the ICU last night. His fever kept going up yesterday, and he started throwing up. Those are sure signs of an infection. When his night nurse came on his temperature had reached 103 degrees. She was unable to get it down with medication. His blood pressure dropped, so he was taken to the ICU. They have managed to control his temperature and bring his blood pressure back up. 
When his blood pressure dropped all of his blood was going to his heart and brain, which left his kidneys with less than the desired amount of blood. Now his kidneys are struggling a bit, so he will stay in the ICU to be monitored for now. They need to make sure he is cleaning his body out well, peeing normally and all that good stuff. 
Robdob is feeling pretty crummy so he has called in Yoda--you know to help with the Jedi-mind healing, Wolverine (he can go microscopic in Robdob's body to fight infection) and the Incredible Hulk (not sure exactly what his helpful skills are--keep you posted on that)! Along with all the BIG GUNS and SUPERHEROES we are requesting PRAYERS! Thank you for those! Ashley and Robert truly feel the power of prayer!


  1. Praying and thinking of you both. I hope you start feeling better soon!

  2. This is quite wonderful! Uhh.. I have worked for Bob Ashworth since 1993 and even more closely with him the past few years and NOW, with his son Ken. This is my first time on the site and I'll be following it daily. It's a funny thing; being a spiritual being and having to deal with the sometimes comical variables of the physical world we all find ourselves in. In my 47 years I've thought about this longer and harder than I should have, (mostly because I'm reclusive by nature) but there are tests out there for all of us, and I've come to the conclusion that it's all in the struggle. It's in the fight, and the number one reason for existing here is to share in the burden of our neighbor's journey; to help each other along the way- we're not alone. And some of us grow up faster than others, but we all have to grow. I've invested myself in this endeavour because I want to be part of his success! I'm proud and humbled to do so and our office will continue to follow this herald. Tom