Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just Snuggle Me. . .

For one more night! I just know that is what Robert asked for, and his wish has been granted! He gets to snuggle his Ashpants for one more night in their very own bed. This happens sometimes when the hospital doesn't have a bed become available on the date they anticipate, so we are expecting the call tomorrow sometime! We will keep you posted of course!
Robert is feeling well today. He has been taking it pretty easy and was tired this evening! I would love them to be granted one more night at home, because when we thought they wouldn't be going to the hospital till the weekend of early next week I made dinner plans with them. Alas I understand that this story revolves around Robdob, and not myself--just know I will make them a yummy dinner either way!
And I'm working on some more cute posts! Collecting pictures and such! Should get fun and funny around this blog!

1 comment:

  1. You are a stud robdob!! I love you guys and thanks for the posts. Us folks out here in Utah love knowing how things are going!! We are praying for you guys and hope to see you soon!!