Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Here come the Yuckies!

Robert started feeling the effects of chemo today! He is feeling a little gross, and upon further questioning that means that his joints are achy, he has a headache and he basically just feels blah! That said he is eating more than he was at the same point last time! Ashpants is always pushing for more super food consumption, but is happy with the current quantities that are being ingested. 
They like Robert to walk at least one lap around his hospital floor everyday--helps keep his appetite up and its always good to get the body moving! Unfortunately when Robdob feels gross he wants to retire his super boots until he feels better! Well this time around Ashpants devised a clever plan. You remember the green pee container, right? Well that is a bedpan urinal! Robdob likes to use those sometimes so he doesn't always have to get out of bed! Ashpants plan: everyday that Robert walks at least one lap, she'll bring the pee pan to him! No lap--walk yourself to the toilet buddy! I thought that was pretty funny!
Oh the things we talk about during chemotherapy that would never be appropriate in normal conversation! :)

P.S. Robert & Ashley's nephew is going into surgery tomorrow Wednesday April 22 at 10:30 AM. Karalee Garber's son Elijah is having his cleft palate repaired! Please remember them in your prayers as well. If you want more information on him go here tomorrow afternoon!

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  1. Ashpants' plan rocks! Keep that body moving, RobDob. I'm sure it stinks to do so, but I'm sure Ashpants has your best interests at heart (as always). Loves!!!