Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Current News!

The up-to-the-minute information is that Robert will be going in to the hospital tomorrow afternoon to start his second round of chemo. Ashpants and Robdob have their bags packed and will not-so-anxiously await the call that his room and bed are ready! The fun news is that Ashpants picked up a new pair of 3-inch heel, fire engine red boots and Robdob scored a new superhero belt! "Look good to fight better!"--that's what Ashpants always says!

Robert is feeling well these days. He has gained a little of the weight c-diff knocked off of him in their last battle. You should see c-diff--he's barely recognizable and still on a ventilator! He'll know better than to mess with our Robdob again!
Robert is not looking forward to more chemo, but all the Smurfs have been by the hospital to donate again and have called with their best wishes! The super hero friends are getting together to see who is available with the best tools to help Robdob this round! We'll let you know all the famous faces who show up! In the meantime, let's gather the force and prayers and send them Robdob's and Ashpants' way!

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