Friday, February 13, 2009

Smurf Sacrifice

So the Smurfs (you know the little blue cartoon guys!) have joined RobDob in his leukemia fighting efforts, see:
Some nutty scientist thought it would be a good idea to test their blood and discovered that it has cancer fighting properties! Who knew? So the little blue guys heard about RobDob's plight and decided to donate to his cause. Really, it is one of his bags of chemo, the other is clear. It does make him pee that color though, cool right! There was a chance that the whites of his eyes would turn that same shade of blue too, but so far no luck! ;)

Here he is getting his last two bags of chemo! He got 5 total, starting Sunday and ending yesterday. Don't worry that isn't a look of pain on his face. Not even close! He is concentrating really hard on this:

Video games! Sometimes Robert has to lay down his luekemia slaying sword and let the Smurfs do his dirty work for awhile. Then he picks up his controller/gun to shoot bad guys of the 3-D video game sort. It gets his mind off the battle raging within while still honing his super skills!

Let me introduce you to the guy on the left! He is my husband, Steve Gratteau. He is on the short list of those who can visit Robert. He qualifies for that list because he doesn't have cooties, he is pretty funny and he loves video games as much as Robert. Ashley and I think they are video game nerds, but they never seem to hear us when we call them that!?! At least they are having fun. It really is true that laughter is the best medicine, so laugh it up boys!

Robert is looking good, he even still has his hair! There is still a good chance it will all fall out though. His numbers are still dropping as the chemo keeps on working! We just love to see him smiling!

Ashpants and RobDob smiling through the good fight! (They hung their capes in the closet!) They are such a cute superhero couple!
We love you guys!

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  1. I linked to your blog through Stephanie Waite's blog. My heart feels so heavy as I read about this young man's fight. As I look at his picture I can feel that there is a specialness about him. I promise I will pray for him and his sweet wife.