Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In The Beginning...

There was Robert Ashworth. He grew up, loved his family, served a mission in the Bahamas and was off to college on a baseball scholarship.

And there was Ashley Squires. She grew up, loved her family, moved to Arizona and was working at her aunt's Montessori school considering the options for her future.

Then Robert and Ashley fell in love (a story that merits its own post in the future), and got married on July 8, 2006. All was wedded bliss! 

Little did they know that in October of 2007, while in Vet Tech School, Robert was mutating! And not just any normal cancerous mutation of the leukemia variety either, it triggered a mutation of a different variety. His cancer cells literally activated within him SUPERPOWERS!!! Robert became . . .  RobDob The Incredible Leukemia Slaying Superhero Extraordinaire! 

Through the magic of marriage and true superhero beginnings Ashley too began to change! Slowly at first. Then on that fateful Friday November 16th, 2007 when they received the call that Robert had leukemia and they were on the way to the hospital, the metamorphosis was complete. Ashley was the Trusty Incredible  Ashpants!

Now as you can see, it is a year and four months later. They have a first saga and victorious battle with leukemia! You can read more about the details of that super fight here. Those stinky little leukemia cells have returned! So, on Friday February 6, 2009 Ashley got out their super suits and capes, boots and all, and drove them back to the hospital to fight again! This is where you can read about all the adventures, super leukemia slaying moments, joys and occasional sadness's, laughter and tears of the current saga and battle of RobDob and His Trusty Sidekick Ashpants!

*Robert Update: The doctors are not sure if he has the same AML he had previously. They did extensive blood work on Saturday and we are waiting for the results. Robert started chemo Sunday Feb. 8, and they think this may be the only round he will need to receive in Las Vegas. He will definitely be receiving another bone marrow transplant, that will happen in Tucson, And should occur in the next couple of months. After his first transplant Robert never got  graph vs. host disease (rejection symptoms) that would have caused his new marrow to have some immunity against the remaining old marrow. . So this time around Robert won't take any anti-rejection meds until he has mild symptoms of  G vs. H disease. 


  1. Love it! Awesome post! Rob Dob and Ash Pants, kick that leukemia's butt...again!!! Just like you did last time. Hopefully, you'll scare it away for good this time!

  2. I love your sense of humor! Keep up the fight and thanks for blogging about it. You will both be in our thoughts and prayers.

  3. Good luck you guys! We will keep you in our prayers!

  4. You'll be in my prayers. Good luck!