Saturday, February 21, 2009

Did I Pee My Bed?

Last night Robert was really tired at 8:30, so when his nurse came in just before 9:00 he asked for his sleeping pill, took it and drifted off to dream land. Ashley went to sleep around 10:00. 
At 12:00 Ashley is startled awake by Robert standing between his bed and her bed. He is taking the bottom of the sheets off the bed and stripping at the same time. Ashley just gawked at him for a moment, wondering what on earth he was doing??? She then realized that he was having a very difficult time getting his gown off because it was tied in the back. Ashley quickly stood up and said, "Robert, I can help you." He just looked at her and replied, "Oh."
With the removal of his gown he was now buck naked! He walked into the bathroom doorway and told Ashley, "I'm cold." (She thinks, "well yeah, you're naked!") But says, "I can get you some new clothes."
"What? I don't have any more clothes?"
"No, I said I would get you some new clothes."
"Oh, okay." Robert replies. Ashley brings over some new bottoms and a clean gown and helps him dress. She then tucks him into her bed while she goes out into the hall to find a nurse to change the sheets. When she gets back into the room she realizes there is water all over the floor under his bed and the sheets are soaked? Robert also notices this and is quite alarmed!!! 
"Ashley, did I pee my bed?"
Ashley looks around thinking, did he really pee this much? "I don't think so Robert, it looks like water?"
"Are you sure? (short pause) I had a dream there was a fire."
Ashley replies, "I'm pretty sure that you dumped the pitcher of water onto your 'fire'!"
"Ashley, I'm really awake!" Robert exclaims.
Once his sheets are changed and floor is mopped Ashley helps Robert into bed, he is still very concerned and worked up over the possibility of having peed his bed. Ashley assures him he was just putting out the fire and everything is okay. She is also very clear, "if you need anything Robert, you can just say my name and I will get up and help you!" He promises he will. About thirty seconds after laying down Robert is out cold, so much fore being so awake!
At 4:00 he calls to Ashley, "I need to pee." She gets him the little urinal he can use in bed. Peeing jogs Robert's memory! Suddenly he turns to Ashley and says, "was I already awake? Did I pee my bed? Did I do something bad?"
Ashley reassures Robert that everything is fine, "you woke up, but you didn't pee your bed. You just spilled water." 
"Oh, okay. (long pause) Are you sure I didn't do anything bad?"
"Yes Robert, everything is fine."
Convinced and calmed Robert goes back to sleep again. This morning Ashley tells Robert the story and he very vaguely remembers any of it, but still felt concern that he might have peed his bed! They have gotten a good laugh out of it and chalked it up as the night to remember 'when you were buck naked and were sure you peed your bed!'

Oh the memories! And the laughs!

*Robert is still neutropenic. The fabulous news is that he has not had a fever for over 24 hours, and he is no longer having any pain in his stomach or intestines! He says he is feeling great!

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