Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Comment Change

I have changed the comment moderation, so that anyone should be able to comment. Even without a google account. Please feel free to leave Robert and Ashley a comment/message. They check this website whenever they can, and I'm sure they would love to read anything you wish to share with them!

Thank you!


  1. It was great to see all the pictures from the True Love post. We love you Robert & Ashley and pray for you every day!!! You guys are amazing!
    Love, The Baker Fam

  2. I love you two. I am praying that Robert's numbers come up soon, and you can go home. You are wonderful.
    Love, Karalee

  3. Robert and Ashley...may we extend our love and prayers to you both as you live each day! Know you are in our family prayers!
    Much love from our house to yours!
    Cindy Englehart

  4. robert & ashley, just want to add our love, faith, prayers and assistance to the mix. we love and admire your courageous spirit the espinoza's