Wednesday, February 18, 2009

True Love!

I love cameras and photographs. I have become the family photographer, by default (and because I love it). I love to look at pictures. As I have been looking back at pictures on my computer of Robert and Ashley I was amazed at how well they tell the story of his recovery from his last bone marrow transplant. I also thought they showed how much these two superheroes love each other. You can just see it in their eyes and poses. I hope you enjoy this little photo journey as much as I did! I will tell the date/event of the different pictures taken.

This picture was taken April 11, 2008 at Elijah's baby blessing. Such a cute couple, and Robert is looking quite dapper between chemo sessions!

Steve and I drove our truck down to Tucson at the end of July 2008 to pick up the superheroes and all their super gear. We were lucky to have our Whiting cousins who live in Mesa take us out on the lake for a day. This picture was taken August 1st. RobDob wasn't allowed in the water, too many germies!

August 12th. Ashley is a hardcore Rockband rocker! Check out her performance face! Robert is just cute as can be with his orange leukemia bracelet. He lost ALL his hair during his bone marrow transplant.

August 14th, which makes Ashley the birthday girl! If you look really hard and squint your eyes a little you can see the peach fuzz hair that Robert grew back first (before he got his real hair back), on his chin and his head!

August 17th, this picture was taken at the first Brad Squires Family Reunion at Jacob's Lake (near the Grand Canyon).

August 18th, another shot at Jacob's Lake. As you can see Robert employed his hat to keep his melon warm!

November 7th, this shot Ashley took herself! It is a perfect example of Robert's smiley 'half moon' eyes. Ashley is always telling Robert to 'open your eyes' when anyone is taking pictures of them, so funny!

November 27th, Thanksgiving Day! The tryptophan has taken effect here folks!

December 24th, Christmas Eve! Look at that head of dark hair! Such a cute couple!

January 2nd, at Raising Canes! Yummy!

Same day, swinging in the park!

So there you have the story, in pictures! Robert and Ashley are a beautiful example of True Love! They are an example of courage, faith and strength. Watching them and their unfolding story strengthens me! They remind me of the importance of relying on each other and growing closer when times get tough! Thanks for sharing your love with us RobDob and Ashpants!

P.S. The Mac is Back! Hallelujah!

*Robert had a better night. He is sleeping pretty well and his fever only got to 100.4 last night. He still likes his morphine, because he is still having pain. Robert has been sleeping a lot more the past couple of days than he did the first week in the hospital. We were informed by Dr. Gollard (the oncologist) that post-transplant patients have a harder time bouncing back from chemo, meaning that his numbers may come up a little more slowly than they did previously and he may be more susceptible to getting sick. The antibiotics do seem to be working, so we just hope they work quickly!

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