Sunday, February 15, 2009

DNA Sunday

We thought it would be fun to introduce different members of Robert and Ashley's families on Sundays. For today we will introduce Karalee Garber and Janelle Gratteau. We are the two sisters who will be posting on this blog, and continuing to tell Robert and Ashley's story, so we wanted to let you know who we are. We thought it would be more fun to introduce each other, than introduce ourselves! *drumroll*

Elijah, Todd, Tyler Rose and Karalee Garber

Karalee Squires Garber is a cancer, she enjoys long walks on the beach, watching sunsets and baking delectable delights with lots of chocolate in them! :) Okay, while all of those things are true I'll stop writing this as if she is looking for a husband. She has an adorable red-headed one of those already, Todd Garber. They have two beautiful children Tyler Rose, 2 and Elijah 1. Karalee loves staying at home and caring for her children. She and Todd also care for his paternal grandmother, who lives with them.
Karalee is the middle child in our family, that said she is also the oldest of the four 'little girls'. Karalee is two years older than Ashley and they have always been the best of friends. She has always had a big heart, seen others needs and done what she could to help. She is a truly generous and compassionate soul!
Karalee loves to read books, well that is an understatement, she loves to devour books. She can read a book faster than anyone I know. She loves the color blue. Her favorite flower is lavender roses. She is an amazing cook, and even better baker! Chocolate chip cookies is one of her specialties, I can never get mine to turn out quite as well! She loves trying new recipes, and says that baking is a great way for her to unwind. It feeds her! :) In high school she would often have people sing the SaraLee jingle and insert her name, "Nobody does it like Karalee!" They would then request that she make them a favorite treat. Karalee is a licensed massage therapist, and she is amazing. She worked for a doctor and chiropractor before choosing to stay home full time. She has an irrational fear of being chased up stairs and her biggest pet peeve is drivers who don't use their blinkers.
Todd makes Karalee laugh the most, typically when he isn't trying to be funny. According to Todd he is always trying to be funny! She loves the funny things that her children do, they definitely bring her the most joy in her life! If you want to keep an eye on them see here.

Byron, Janelle, Taryn, and Steve Gratteau

Janelle has a hilarious sense of humor. If nothing else she laughs so hard at her jokes that you can always get a laugh out of that. She is the second oldest of the seven children in our family, and was always able to command a room. I can remember her thinking of very fun, and creative games to get us to clean up. Or just to entertain us for hours.
She was trained as a Montessori teacher when she was 19, and she is amazing with children. She worked in classrooms in Arizona, and Colorado. When she moved to Las Vegas she taught children in her home, after Taryn was born she decided to not continue watching other kids, and is now busy and happy caring for her family.
Janelle has always been quite the globetrotter. When she was 18 our paternal grandparents were living in South Africa, and she flew for a lot of hours (I am not sure the exact amount) on her own, and spent a few weeks with them. She saw lions, tigers, elephants, hippos, and she even rode an ostrich. Since being married she has been to Hawaii, Australia, and she even ventured to Texas.
She married her very handsome, and equally entertaining husband, Steve Gratteau, on October 23, 1999. They met after Janelle moved to Denver, Colorado to work. They currently have two children: Byron 5, and Taryn 1, and she is currently pregnant with baby #3 (it is another girl), and continues to teach her children new things every day. Both of her children have inherited her great sense of humor, and they never cease to crack me up. Just the other day Byron unknowingly ratted his Dad out. Janelle had been at my house planning a few things with me and she got home pretty late at night. She could hear a video game on upstairs, she hollered up the stairs to make sure it was Steve playing, and that Byron was in bed. Steve replied yes to both questions, and then Byron piped in... "I was up until Dad heard you, and then he made me hurry and get in bed." I was in stitches when I heard that one.
Janelle's favorite color is blue, and she loves ice cream. Don't let her fool you she is also an excellent cook, and baker. She makes a mean pan of lemon bars. They are a current pregnancy craving. She rock climbs, repels, and is generally adventurous. She is a loving and supportive friend, wife, and mother. If you want to learn anymore about her idiosyncrasies hop over here.


  1. I like DNA Sunday already! Too fun to hear what you have to say about each other!

  2. i love it! it makes me miss you both tremendously!