Thursday, February 19, 2009

Calling All Angels

RobDob and Ashpants, looking rather in love and angelic!

I believe that angels walk among us! Some are other people who are on an angels errand as they answer our prayers and serve us, other angels we don't see with our eyes. Ashley and Robert have felt the spiritual angels with them, especially when they are in the hospital. Karalee and I have been touched by the angels who are answering our call to donate their time and talents as we put together an online auction. We have been so touched to see the willingness in others to share. Many say, "I'm just so happy there is something I can do to help!" I know what they mean, it makes you feel a little less helpless. As humans one of the hardest things to do is ask for help. It seems from the time we are young we have been trying to 'do it myself". I'm learning through this experience that it shouldn't really be that way. It is such an amazing connection to serve each other, albeit a humbling experience to be served. On either end it connects us to each other, I love that!
All that said, we would like to extend our request to anyone who might want to help. If you have a talent, craft, service, etc. that you would like to donate to the auction we would greatly appreciate it. Please email Karalee at and let her know what you would like to auction, what you would generally charge (the worth of the item or service), and if possible send a picture. Some examples of items already donated are: handmade cards, photography package, baby blanket.
We are planning a costume ball fundraiser for March 21st or 28th , depending on what we work out for a venue. I would love to put this idea out there too. It will be a dinner and ball. We are looking for caterers who might be willing to donate or reduce labor costs. We will also have many other needs as the details start to unfold, flyers, decorations, linens, volunteers to help set-up, serve dinner and clean-up. We've just realized that two heads are better than one, so maybe 20+ will be even better!
Please feel free to comment with any ideas. And I do mean ANY ideas, about the auction, ball or any other fundraisers that you know are successful. We are by no means experienced with fundraising (yet) and would love any help we can get!

I just want to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone! Everyone who has donated, prayed, or just stopped by this blog to visit. Thank you for your love, kind thoughts, sincere words, prayers and generousity. I know they mean more to the two angels in the hospital right now than they even do to me! So I will share thier heart felt gratitude too! Robert and Ashley are truly touched and grateful! Thank you, and may we all be angels to one another!

*Robert's numbers have not come up yet. They aren't concerned yet, but had expected them to have come up some by now. He sleeps a lot, day and night! He is feeling a little better today. Steve went to visit him for a bit tonight, and Robert told him that often he isn't really sure where he is or what is going on. Apparently he has 'halucinations'. Robert woke Ashley up in the middle of the night and told her to turn of the X-box, because he was SURE it was causing his halucinations! His fever has stayed under control, but he is still having some pain. Steve said it was harder to see him tonight than even on Sunday, he just looks so tired, worn out and well, like a cancer patient. We just know he is doing some serious leukemia slaying in his sleep!

Picture credits go to our talented friend (and current missionary in Leeds, England) James Michael Liu, aka. Mykii. He loves photography and had Ashley and Robert pose for this awesome shot just outside of Vegas somewhere!


  1. I love you two and am praying for you. I will see you when I return to LV...soon, I hope.

  2. Janelle,
    Keep me posted on what I can do to help. If possible, I would love to help hang-up signs, set-up the event and clean-up...whatever I can do to assist!
    Thanks for keeping the updates going. BTW, the picture is AMAZING!!!

  3. We are praying for all of you everyday!
    Love you!
    Tammy, Trey, Trent and Tanner

  4. Hey Karale this is Danielle Wagsky from Orchard Valley ward and I would love to help. Not sure exactly what I can do but I want to help. e-mail me please

  5. Dear Robert,
    My name is Jean and I’m with the National Bone Marrow Transplant Link, an organization dedicated to helping patients, caregivers, and families cope with the social and emotional challenges of transplant by providing vital information and personalized support services. We subscribe to Google blog alerts, where we found your story.
    We wish you all the best on this difficult journey; please know that others are thinking of you and pulling for you!
    If you would like to find out more about our programs and services, please visit or call 800-546-5268.