Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sugar High!

So last Wednesday I baked up some sugar cookies for mutual. Our churches youth group night. I work with the 16-18 year old girls (Alycia Ashworth is one of my laurels!), and we were delivering heart cookies to members of our church ward. Well as luck would have it I completely ran out of time to make the goods, you know the homemade stuff! So, I cooked up some Pillsbury sugar cookie dough. The cookies were sad, flat and just lacking--in my humble opinion!

Before I even left my house I called Ashley and lamented to her the woes of my sad cookies and the cravings I've had for the 'real thing' since before Christmas. I believe that you have to decorate sugar cookies at least twice a year, and red hots are as necessary as icing! I think I only got to decorate the once last year, so sad. Anyway, back to calling Ashley! Because, she is the sugar cookie guru in our family! You know each of us sisters has our recipes that we do best! Sugar cookies are kind of Ashley's thing! She even tried a dozen recipes before she found the one she loved the best! She agreed to come to a sugar cookie day with me and my children on Monday! Of course Karalee and her cuties were invited too!

Well we all know how the Friday between the Wednesday chat and the planned sugarfest went! Ashley is back at the hospital with her famous pants on caring for our superhero RobDob! Alas we had to carry on with our cookie plans without her, because now she and Robert needed our sugary love!
So on Monday we measured and mixed, refrigerated and rolled, cut-out and baked our little hearts out! That was just the fun to get to the true excitement of frosting and decorating! We mixed up the brightest colors and spread on the love! And as you can see there were plenty of red hots to go around!

Alycia Ashworth

Byron Gratteau

Tyler Garber

Taryn Gratteau

Um, I'm just a little confused! Did you say we were decorating, or eating? The neices and nephews loved decorating cookies for Robert and Ashley! Every time that we took their picture they would pose and say, "I love Robert!" Luckily they didn't notice that none of their cookies actually made it onto Robert and Ashley's plate! Children have waaaay too many cooties, which are really bad for slaying leukemia!

"I love Uncle Robert!"

"Yeah, so I don't say all those words! So, how 'bout a kiss Uncle Robert!"

Monday was a great day! We all ate a bare minimum of five cookies! Needless to say we were loving the sugar high, and we were high on love for Robert and Ashley! Was that too cheesy? Oh well!

*Robert Update: He is neutropenic today (neutrophylls are the white blood cells that fight infection, being neutropenic means that you have less than .1% of normal.) He got his last two bags of chemo today! The chemo will continue to work in him and all of his blood levels will continue to drop, so now they will really watch for infection. (Visitors are very limited due to this.) He got 2 bags of red blood cells today too. Robert had gotten bumps on the back of his legs about 3-4 weeks ago. They think they were pockets of leukemia cells, and now they are totally gone!


  1. Sounds like fun - and they look yummy! Those frosting colors are amazing. Make sure and freeze some for Robert!