Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dollop of Daisy

We welcome Amanda (aka. Bone Marrow Stem Cell Donor Extraordinaire) Ashworth as a guest author on the blog tonight. She shares a little about Robdob and Ashpants superdog Daisy, who is living with the Ashworth Family for now!

Daisy is a fun, loving Italian Grey Hound.  She loves her owners very much and you can tell by the way she reacts when Ashley and Robert walk through the door.  Daisy is definitely a sick person dog. She always without a doubt knows you are sick and comes running to you to comfort you.  It doesn't matter if you have a little cough or a huge cold she will follow you around and lay with you till you are better.    
When Robert and Ashley first adopted Daisy she was so tiny she could go under the couches.  When you run away from her and go on the other side of the couch she would cheat and disappear under the couch and get you from the other side.  When you would run after her she would yet again disappear under the couch so you couldn't get her. 
Daisy was taught not to bite when she plays with people,  but one day one of the siblings were playing with her and she started to bite them.  As they were playing, she would bite down harder and harder and then sibling said "Ouch," and she stopped and licked the ouchie better.  She was taught well by her owners!   
Daisy misses Robert and Ashley so much.  You can tell by the way she follows them to the door when they leave.  When she realizes she isnt going home with them her head is lowered.  Daisy is very loved and we are happy that Robert has her to help him through this life changing experience.
When Daisy was little she would curl up on Robert's shoulder while he played video games! It is easy to see that Robert loves having her around too! (11/02/08)

*Robert is feeling much the same today as yesterday! This part can be difficult for him, gets him down a little to feel gross, again! Only two weeks in the hospital left! Hopefully these pictures will cheer him up! He is staying healthy, other than the blahs, headache and discomfort! Yeah for that!

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